What is a Prevention & Wellness?

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Your Introduction to Prevention & Wellness Programs

(Employee Wellness Programs)

What is a Prevention & Wellness Program?

Prevention & Wellness Programs (Employee Wellness Programs) are health and wellness programs that provide your employee population with wellness education, health screening services, and various programs that make your company healthier. Your common goal to a healthier organization is realized through programs that prevent and idenity health risk factors for all types of illness or injury. Prevention and Wellness programs are no longer a theory. Many new studies are available that prove health screening and wellness education services that are directed toward prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and support will not only make your company more productions, but will also reduce your health and welfare costs. Your first step to a reducing your costs and making your company more productive will be through our Health Risk Assessment. This will help in identifying the risk for health problems that may be referred to specific programs and services.

Prevention & Wellness Programs Customized To Your Organization

The purpose of your employee wellness program is to help improve your employees total health. Once you have an understanding of your the total health of your employee population you can implement programs that will help change the behavior of your employees. Do you know if your employees exercise on a regular basis? What is the percentage of your employee population that smoke cigarettes or uses tobacco products? Has anyone spoken to your company about nutrition and how your bad diet can affect your health? Just having a general knowledge of these risks does not always change your employees behavior. Using our Health risk assessments (HRAs) we can provide a scientific way of turning knowledge into a measurable baseline of health. A world class preventiona and wellness program in combination with your new MERP, HRA, or HSA health benefit plan will reduce health insurance costs, increase productivity, and bring savings to your companies bottom line for years to come.

Do you know the total health of your employee population? Does you current consultant or broker manage the healthcare utilization on your health plan? Please take a look at the advantages of a prevention and wellness program (employee wellness program) for your organization.

Prevention and wellness programs (employee wellness programs) can work as a key component to your comprehensive benefit package, lowering your employer sponsored group health insurance costs


Employee Wellness Programs